A Definition Of Love Is Maybe More Difficult Than The Experience Itself

When I did a search in Wikipedia for a definition of love, the first paragraph I found was,

“Love is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure ("I loved that meal") to intense interpersonal attraction ("I love my boyfriend".

This diversity of uses and meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved, makes love unusually difficult to consistently define, even compared to other emotional states….” End of quote.

The common language usage of the term ‘love’ is not showing deep reflection or deep understanding. This diversity of uses and meanings show us that there is usually not much understanding of differences.

The first impression of the search shows clearly that the common usage of ‘love’ is quite habitual, but not thoughtfully differentiated. The majority of people does not distinguish between love and liking, and it is linked with attachment, which has nothing to do with love at all.

As you can easily see, this usage of love doesn’t help to understand what true love really is. And it sounds quite ‘dry’, doesn’t it?

But let me define love as I see it here.

And if you want to dig deeper, go to Wikipedia for the search on definition of love.

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Beneath that first paragraph in Wikipedia you can find very rich resources’ to study theories about love from many different points of view, be it cultural, psychological, philosophical, religious or throughout history and art.

For this site however, a thorough definition of love by the means of a theoretical discussion is not of much interest.

It’s interesting in a way, but it is so much more interesting to experience love - just now and increasingly.

We want to find a useful, practically applicable, definition and encounter of love for our lives. Let’s understand it from the ‘real-feel’- side and getting closer to knowing through experience.

The point of this site is to share insight, experience and practical help to understand, feel, experience and acquiring the ability and blessing of true love.

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